Save time & money with JRP integrated fuel technology

With JRP as a government fuel partner, you get access to integrated fuel technology that connects with back-office ERP, reduce admin costs & eliminate misallocation. From on-site fuel tanks to local wholesale discounts to nationwide fuel & maintenance fleet cards, JRP has you covered.


Ask us about other innovative systems that offer money-saving benefits:

  • Why pay more? JRP Fuel Card Programs enable expense management, purchase control, reporting and more (Fleetwide and Voyager Fuel Card Programs) 
  • Why run dry? SMARTtank technology by SkyBitz allows JRP to monitor fuel tanks electronically and automatically generate orders when you need them.
  • Why lose track? SMARTlogix automated dispatch tool by SkyBitz allows you to monitor the progress of fuel delivery to your site.

What one customer is saying about SMARTtank technology:

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