More than 30 years of industry experience.

But our people make the difference. Many of us have been here for decades. Today, our seasoned government fuel logistics experts continue our proud heritage of bringing trusted advice and guidance to government. Tap into JRS (James River Solutions) for acumen and attention. We’re here to serve you, with the same dedication that you serve others.

  • Reporting for Ongoing Efficiencies:
    • Data Analysis
    • Fuel Tax Reporting
    • Fuel Consumption Reports by tank or location
    • Usage Reports
    • Exception Reports
  • Logistics Command Center Support: This JRP team negotiates on your behalf, every day – and takes control of the daily management of supplier, distributor and dispatch relationships.
  • Industry Education
  • Custom Solutions
  • 24/7/365 Support: When other fuel companies can’t, our reliable network of reputable fuel suppliers are ready to assist you. Additionally, we can work with you to implement and execute a tailored emergency fuel plan.

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