Uncover Efficiencies | Integrate Fuel Data With Your Current Management Software

JRP customers benefit from our investment fuel innovations and integrated fuel technology that allow you to integrate with back-office ERP or data management systems. Whether you’re looking for a secure invoice upload file or customized reports and analytics. JRP’s highly knowledgeable technology team can get it done. We’ve designed a process to work with you to understand your operation, identify your needs and create upload files or reports tailored to  the information that matters most to your company.
This means you can manage all of your fleet and fueling needs with one reliable partner. From on-site fuel tanks to local wholesale fuel discounts to nationwide fuel and maintenance fleet cards, JRP has you covered.

JRP’s Highly Knowledgeable Technology Experts Add Learning & Value

JRP Reports Tailored To Analyze The Information That Matters Most To Your Company


Integration With Your Back-Office ERP or Data Management Systems

When you integrate your fuel spend into your management software – your benefits include:  reduced administrative costs, elimination of resource misallocation and most importantly – time and money savings.

Streamline Purchases to Cut Administration Costs

We design reporting that captures the data that matters most, regardless of how the fuel is purchased. We integrate transactions from both retail and domestic fueling sites as well as from bulk and mobile fueling deliveries. All the date you need in one place for reporting that results in reduced costs.

Customized Reports

Our customized reports are designed to help you get a better handle on your total fuel spend by capturing fuel trends, identifying cost savings, monitoring exceptions and keeping you informed.

The combination of the latest technology with highly trained creative thinkers result in solutions that propel your business forward.