Logistics Command

Insight and Long-Term Relationships Working For You

At the heart of our business is our logistics command center with dedicated supply, distribution and dispatch experts working together to navigate the volatile fuel market daily. Our experts are also cross-trained to make sure you always have access to a knowledgeable resource.

Our shared goal every day:

Deliver your fuel on time and at the best price.

Supplier Relations Team

Day after day, we’re on the phone with major branded and unbranded suppliers. This allows us to stay current with market fuel prices/trends, to strengthen the relationships that serve you, and to bring you the very best available pricing.

Distributor Relations Team

To bring you the most competitive transportation options nationwide, our distribution team manages relationships with common carriers across the country.

Dispatch Team

When it makes sense, we rely on our own fleet of brand new fuel trucks and drivers to deliver.

Remote Inventory Management

When your fuel is low, we’ll know. Our real-time inventory information is generated from wireless tank level monitors. This gives us a valuable purchasing window – helping us make smart buying/pricing decisions on your behalf. GPS tracking also lets you track the status of your delivery. JRP Remote Inventory Management Technology is designed to keep us (and you) informed in real time – delivering the industry’s latest pricing and logistics efficiencies.