Hear what our customers are saying about JRP.

We’re proud to share a few of the stories of savings, reliability, efficiencies, advancement of your business and of being there for you when you needed us most.

Ongoing Fuel Management Improvements with Proactive Partnership

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Seldom in our industry do we find vendors that understand our fuel management needs and priority’s.  James River does. Doing business for six years, they understand and have gone above and beyond what vendors do. They have been there in our time of need and have helped us managed our fuel levels. They are always trying to find better ways of serving us, without us asking. A partnership with such a reputable company is hard to find.

Paul R. Nobles Sr.
General-Manager, Virginia Waste Services Inc.

Peace of Mind

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“In these days of unstable international activities, and the potential changes to the prices for commodities such as fuel precipitated as a result of those activities, the peace of mind in knowing that your significantly large monetary investment in fuel purchases is stable and constant becomes more valuable and precious every day.”

Kenneth Bernard, CAFM
Fleet Manager, City of Roanoke

Administrative Efficiency

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“By having the pricing at a fixed rate, most, if not all, of the activity previously required by our administrative personnel to acquire fuel is eliminated. Those saved personnel hours can now be utilized for other company needs.

Kenneth Bernard, CAFM
Fleet Manager, City of Roanoke

Reliable, Timely Delivery

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James River Solutions recently received outstanding recognition for overall service from Carroll County Public Schools in Maryland. “The contractor’s overall corporate management, integrity, reasonableness and cooperative conduct is outstanding. Excellent people and company to work with!”

James River Solutions has proven to be a reliable and dependable contractor to provide #2 Fuel Oil. We’ve had no issues with the timely procurement and delivery of fuel oil during the one year James River has supplied us.”

Douglas Gross
Supervisor of Plant Operations
Carroll County Public Schools

Recommendations That Affect the Bottom Line

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“We have been dealing with James River Petroleum for the last several years, and believe that they are more than just our fuel supplier; they are our preferred fuel partner. James River has shown a true interest in our business, taking the time to understand our needs, and making recommendations that have a positive impact on what’s most important to us, our bottom line!

James R. Woody, Jr.
Corporate Facilities Manager
Electrical Equipment Company

Savvy Bulk Fuel Purchase Saved Wake County Public Schools Nearly $600,000

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Wake County taxpayers will save almost $600,000 this year thanks to a timely bulk fuel purchase by the Wake County Public School System’s Transportation Department.  It’s the second fiscal year in a row WCPSS purchasers have been able to lock in favorable prices well below budget.

“With 2.3 million gallons left to purchase for the year, the Transportation Department pounced on Sept. 13.  They locked in 1.8 million gallons at $2.97 per gallon, saving 33 cents on the budgeted price, or $594,000 on the total budgeted amount.”

Wake County Public Schools

Inventory Management With Real Savings

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“One way JRP brought value to our business is through assisting with inventory management via their SMARTank Technology.  James River’s management of our fuel program allows us to receive the most efficient deliveries while maximizing our savings; they simultaneously monitor the NYMEX market and pull product at the most cost efficient point.  In doing this they can save us more by holding or pushing a delivery based on the price change in the market.”

Earl Losier
Vice President – Virginia Concrete Products
Titan America, LLC